Pulse 85

Surf in the morning, explore the local river at lunch, sneak out for a fish in the afternoon. The versatile Pulse kayak is capable of all this and more.

SurfIdeal for: Playing in the sea and waves

Close CoastalIdeal for: Long Coastal exploring

Short Touringideal for: getting out on local rivers

Planing C HullOur most stable hull form also the liveliest


Drawing on all our experience and passion for the ocean we have developed a sit on top kayak that excels in the surf, whilst still retaining great characteristics for those flat day paddles.

The versatile Pulse is also one of the most stable boats in our range, making it perfect to try a spot of fishing from, or for a leisurely paddle down your local river.

Taking advantage of cutting edge production and clever design, we’ve made the Pulse both highly durable and lightweight. Combine this with our well balanced carry handles and you’ll have no problem carrying the Pulse down the beach or lifting it onto your car roof rack.







Engineered Sculpted Scuppers

Careful design of our tooling ensures a traditional weak point in many sit-on-top kayaks, is actually a strong point.

Paddle Keeper

Discreet and ergonomic paddle keeper. Easy to use whilst seated on the kayak.

6" Storage Hatch

Keep those essential items close to hand - sized to take a small dry bag, this hatch is ideal for your personal belongings.

Ergonomic Central Console

The paddling position, balance point of the kayak, and your connectivity with it can make or break your paddling experience


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


At 17kgs the Pulse 85 is one of the lightest adult sized sit on tops available.  Our standard specification comes complete with all hatches, anchor points, deck-lines, and a water bottle.

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Our Huntsman model benefits from our deluxe backrest being included as standard, rear facing rod holders, Huntsman specific graphics, and is available in our inland camo colour-way.

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Hydrolite represents the pinnacle of advanced, lightweight, polyethylene construction.

At only 14kg, the Pulse 85 Hydrolite is almost 20% lighter than our standard model.