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A sit on top kayak developed for sea and surf, also perfect for flat water paddles.

Drawing on all our experience and passion for the ocean we have developed a sit on top kayak that excels in the surf, whilst still retaining great characteristics for those flat day paddles. The versatile Pulse is also an extremely stable craft, making it perfect to try a spot of fishing from, or for a leisurely paddle down your local river. Taking advantage of cutting edge production and clever design, we've made the Pulse both highly durable and lightweight.

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Engineered Sculpted Scuppers

The scuppers of the kayak are engineered to drain any water present, whilst preventing water from rising up for paddlers up to 90kg.

Paddle Keeper

An elastic cord that holds your paddle in place when not in use. 

Moulded In Handles

Well balanced carry handles allow for the kayak to be easily carried, whether this is down to the beach or lifting it onto your car roof rack.

High Quality Fittings

For all metal components are stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Metal rings are also welded to ensure durability. All load bearing plastic in fittings are glass reinforced nylon.

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Ergonomic Central Console

Designed into the kayak is an ergonomic console which allows easy interaction, for both the hatch and drinks holder.

6" Storage Hatch

The gully around the hatch drains away water, whilst also adding more material in the high wear seating area. It creates stiffness which helps to minimise leakage through the hatch caused by twisting of the lid in it's housing.


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Lifetime Warranty

We are passionate about what we do. As devoted paddlers ourselves we take every opportunity to make the best designed products possible, and build them with only the best materials we can buy. We do this to ensure your product lasts, and so you can enjoy our fantastic sport to it's maximum. This is why we back up our standard kayaks with a lifetime warranty and that's the Tootega difference.

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Proudly Designed and Made in the UK

Our high density compounded polyethylene offers the best possible blend of stiffness, impact resistance, and UV stability we can find. This allows us to make lighter boats, that perform better and last longer. We advertise this proudly as we believe in our products and the level of quality that we deliver.



Ideal for playing in the sea and waves.

Close Coastal

Ideal for short coastal trips and exploring.

Short Touring 

Ideal for getting out on local river for a couple of hours.

Planing C 

Our most stable hull form. Also happens to be the the liveliest!

Huntsman Edition

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Pulse 85 Huntsman

Great for fishermen looking for a multi-purpose and stable platform. The huntsman edition kayaks are fitted with rod holders, a premium backrest and seat.

Special Edition

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By carefully optimising our mould tools, our production cycles, our materials, and our cooling process we have been able to shave nearly 20% from the weight of both the Pulse 85 and Kinetic 100 models.


Tootega Pulse 85 Size Chart

Max Load90kg90kg
HullPlaning CPlaning C



Surfing with a Pulse 85

Steve showcasing the surfing capability of the Tootega Pulse 85 on Stanley Embankment.


Rolling a Pulse 85

James shows us how easy it is to roll a Tootega Pulse 85.